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RailCommand, our flagship offering, provides transloading terminals and rail shippers with the ability to monitor, coordinate, and manage operations in real-time.

Key Features For Transloading Terminals:

  • Inventory Control
    Railtronix provides a cloud based system that tracks every pound/ton of product in transit to the facility, and within the facility itself. Railtronix has a real-time connection with the railroads that enable transloading terminals to prepare for inbound shipments. Railtronix also tracks product within the facility by providing live track lists with actual product remaining in each railcar, while also providing actual balances of storage units such as silos, tanks, warehouses, domes, etc… Railtronix is integrated with truck scales, handheld devices, and other instruments to ensure accuracy of the data. Every time a truck is loaded, Railtronix deducts the product from the originating railcar or storage unit.
    Railtronix continuously keeps track of variances by railcar, allowing you to maintain a low level of shrinkage and identify potential problems.
  • Quick and accurate truck dispatching
    Railtronix has its own truck dispatching interface, where scale operators need to input minimal information such as PO#, Truck Company, Truck Number. Railtronix automatically captures weight from the scale and deducts correct amount from the railcar or storage unit used to load the truck. Human error is greatly reduced, and truck BOLs can be generated very quickly.
  • Customer-facing portals
    Railtronix provides customer facing portals where your customers are able to log in and see their inventory en-route to the terminal, or at the terminal (on hand). Customers can also see their POs, BOLs, variance reports, and more. When a truck BOL is signed by the driver and printed, it is simultaneously uploaded to the Railtronix cloud, where the customer is able to access it.
  • Business Intelligence
    Railtronix provides statistics about your operations and customers. Metrics include Railcar offloading efficiency, truck loading efficiency, historical volume and performance, railroad cycle times, and much more.
  • Automated Reports
    Any report or dashboard can be automatically emailed. Some of your customers might ask for daily inventory reports. These can be automated so you don’t have to spend time creating spreadsheets every morning.
  • Integration with sand manufacturers
    Railtronix is tightly integrated with various sand producers and their systems. This enables sand producers to automatically transmit POs to Railtronix, as well as automated delivery of BOLs from Railtronix to their system.

Key Features For Rail Shippers:

  • Cloud-based
  • Accessible through any web browser and most mobile devices.
  • Connected to all Class 1 railroads and most shortlines in the US, Mexico, and Canda.
    Fleet Status Pie Chart Visualization
  • Real-time location data
  • Information about railcar’s mechanical data and test due dates.
  • Information about rail rates
  • Information about lease, expiration dates, etc…
  • Document storage (contracts, lease agreements, etc)
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Cycle analysis (trip times)
  • Automated e-mail dashboards and reports
  • Product quality information (examples: Viscocity, API, etc…)
  • Load and Discharge information (Volume, weight, safety seals)
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