About Us

Railtronix was founded in 2008 in The Woodlands, Texas after Alfonso Olvera, then a student at the University of Houston, saw a need for companies using the railroad system to gain visibility of their assets in a way that both operations and non-operations staff would benefit from.

Railtronix has been assisting transloading terminals and rail shippers with critical information since 2008. In 2009, Railtronix introduced RailCommand, a cloud-based solution that provides shippers with the ability to monitor their assets in real time while also analyzing every movement in order to calculate key statistical and Business Intelligence metrics. Since then, Railtronix has managed close to 100,000 railcars and over 300,000 shipments.

In 2010, Railtronix was featured in Inc. Magazine as one of the “Coolest College Startups” of the year.

In 2012, Railtronix found a niche with transloading terminals. Today, Railtronix offers a product that allows terminals to load faster while reducing human error and increasing customer visibility. Several frac-sand manufacturers have chosen Railtronix as their preferred system for transloading locations.

Railtronix tailors its systems to fit every client’s operation. In addition to offering location data, Railtronix is able to process information about the product being transported, along with other relevant information such as accounting or financial data.

The railroad is a complicated structure involving many organizations and players. Railtronix seeks to empower companies and its staff with the tools and data necessary to make the right operational and business decisions when operating a rail fleet.

The use of our services is not limited only to operational staff, but also to business decision makers, marketing staff, accounting and financial staff, and other executives alike.

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